ads/auto.txt How to Make Perfect Red lentil chick pea curry soup

How to Make Perfect Red lentil chick pea curry soup

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Red lentil chick pea curry soup. You could use red wine, white wine, cider vinegar in its place. The soup does not take vinegary in the end, but there is a welcomed sharpness. This curried red lentil soup is chock full of hearty, delicious ingredients.

Red lentil chick pea curry soup Red curry paste provides a rich flavor, which melds with the soup and develops into something that is even more delicious the next day! Curry Red Lentil Stew features tender lentils, tomatoes, onion, ginger and flavorful spices mixed with chickpeas and kale for healthy weeknight meal that's easy to make! Coming to the end of fall and I thought a nice lentil stew was in order. You can have Red lentil chick pea curry soup using 13 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Red lentil chick pea curry soup

  1. Prepare of soup ingredients.
  2. You need 2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil.
  3. You need 1 of onion, diced.
  4. Prepare 1/2 cup of chopped celery.
  5. It's 5 1/2 cup of vegetable or chicken broth.
  6. You need 5 tsp of curry powder.
  7. You need 1/4 tsp of hot sauce.
  8. It's 1 lb of red lentils.
  9. It's 1 bunch of Swiss chard, middle stem removed, chopped leaves..
  10. It's 1 1/2 cup of or 1 can drained chick peas (garbanzo beans).
  11. It's of toppings/garnishes.
  12. You need 1 of cooked quinoa.
  13. Prepare 1 of plain yogurt.

You've gotta make this protein packed soup! This Red Lentil Curry Soup swirled with coconut milk and topped with cilantro for a cozy and comforting soup that's full of flavor! Instant Pot and stove top instructions. This warm, fragrant, comforting soup has a curried vegetarian chili vibe that we just can't get enough of!

Red lentil chick pea curry soup step by step

  1. In a large stock pot, saute onion in olive oil til soft..
  2. Add vegetable broth, seasonings, Swiss chard, lentils, and chick peas. Simmer til peas are soft..
  3. Top with a dollop of yogurt and a spoonful of warm quinoa - yum!.

Perfect over brown rice for a simple, plant-based meal. Have you tried my Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl yet? How to make lentil and vegetable soup. Begin by cooking the onions in olive oil until Fall is quickly approaching and the Smoky Chickpea, Red Lentil & Vegetable Soup is a I made this today. I only changed the cumin because I didn't have any, so I used curry.